The Institute of Science & Technology was established under the aegis of the Society of Education and Research duly registered under the Societies Act, 1860 whereby the Society crystallized its dream of providing excellence in education by establishing a chain of schools and professional colleges in Delhi, Haryana and Punjab. The Society is committed to promoting quality education to the young generation at graduate and post graduate levels in engineering, technology, management and other disciplines. During the past many years, many steps have been taken such as development of model syllabi, quality improvement programmes for teachers and interaction with industry. The achievement so far is solely due to dedication and commitment of the Head of the Institute, its faculty and support staff.


Our philosophy at IST is to address the core issue of education at two levels. First and foremost the primary focus of education is to create a high level of multi disciplinary programmes and helping in holistic rounded development of students.

Simultaneously we strive to impart problem solving skills, critical thinking, analytical abilities and contextual knowledge to ensure that the students acquire necessary skills and get accepted in appropriate jobs or pursue purposeful entrepreneurship efforts. We aim that our students understand the dignity of labor, and value honesty, integrity and loyalty to their organizations in their professional endeavors.