MBA in Human Resource Management  Coursework typically involves basic business concepts and human resource-specific topics. Students can be taught business strategies and learn to use them in everyday business operations. Topics covered in a program can include:
  • Accounting
  • Business analysis
  • Economics
  • Finance management
  • Organizational development
  • Marketing 

Career options:- Human Resource managers can have a variety of job tasks, from deciding how a corporation should be staffed to making the choice between using independent contractors or hiring from within the company. Managers also recruit and train employees and ensure that employees are high performers. A graduate of an MBA in Human Resource Management program can work in positions that include:

  • Human Resource Manager
  • Training Manager
  • Management Position
  • Option in Higher Education: Graduates of a human resource program may decide to increase their viability in the job market through professional certification. Individuals may seek certification through various organizations of management in India. The details information can be obtained on any working days.  Individuals also might consider advancement opportunities in top manager or executive positions. Individual wishing to work in consulting, research or writing may continue their education at the doctoral level. Ph.D. programs in human resources also might include studies in organizational behavior.