Society Governing Body

Arvind Kumar (President)

I really feel honored and privileged that I am a part of the Institute of Science and Technology, Klawad, a well know group, persistently striving hard to touch new heights in imparting quality technical and management education as well. The institute is being run under the aegis of Society for Education and Research, is totally committed to develop professional and competent human resource in the fields of engineering and management.
We endeavor to develop core competency in their respective fields of studies through academic excellence and practical training. Special emphasis is laid on the overall personality development and improving communication skills of the students, by organizing workshops, seminars, group discussions, extension lectures by experts from the academic and industrial organizations and arranging field trips so as to develop competent professionals capable of accepting real life challenges in their professional careers.

M. Rizwan Alam (Vice President)

A Society (Society for Education & Research) that commits to impart quality education has funded Institute of Science & Technology, Klawad. The Engineering and management educational degree courses can never come of its own but through consistent efforts and reclassified targets. It becomes utmost important to impart standard education to the students so that they can face today’s competitive and complex environment confidently. The students are developed to equip themselves with analytical and decisive skills so as to make the life a success.
Beyond curriculum, there will be a ceaseless endeavor of Institute of Science & Technology, Klawad to impart knowledge in synchronization with market trends. We at ISTK provide opportunity to all our students for all round professional development and try to imbibe in them high cultural and ethical values. During the course of their study we groom our students to face national and international challenges in their professional career.

Dr. R. K. Pundir (General Secretary)

It gives me an immense pleasure to share that Globalization is rapidly transforming the world. Technological advancements including the proliferation of information and communication technology have their bearing on almost all segments of the society from manufacturing to services to education and daily life of society at large.
The professionals today must possess domain knowledge and skills in their own field, managerial acumen, understanding and respect for social and national values and an ability to withstand pressures of competition, resource crunch, market volatility and various other factors that have become an integral part of today's life. Institutes of tertiary education, thus, have a very daunting task of transforming raw students into competent professionals.

Mrs. Hemlata Sood (Member)

Our purpose and objective as being the management remain the same-to provide good faculty, good students and a learning environment. We are highly focused on each of these three areas. The biggest purpose behind the above is to implant a sense of confidence in the students to make them to become a best in their profession. It is about the development of personality, interpersonal skills and instilling the right value system. It is my firm belief that our student will come across with flying colors in future also. To achieve this goal, add on courses, training in personality development, and other soft skills are also provided in our College.
Thus, the time one spends at ISTK is an exciting journey to learn, to make lifelong friends, to differentiate between what one knows and what one doesn’t – also about knowing where to go and find what one needs to know and having got it knowing how to use the information.