Rules & Regulations

(i) All admissions are provisional and subject to the final approval of respective university/board after completing the necessary requirement as per rules/ordinances.

(ii) The candidates selected provisionally for admission must deposit the fees and original certificates at the time of admission failing which he/she will forfeit the claim for admission and placement in the waiting list and no correspondence will be entertained in this regard.

(iii) The candidates admitted will be required to attend the class immediately. The names of student(s) who remain absent from classes for more than 10 days at a stretch will be struck off from the college rolls without giving any notice. Every student is required to complete minimum attendance requirements as laid down by respective University.

(iv) Any candidate found medically unfit will not be allowed to continue his/her study in the institution.

(v) Every student is required to attend all the lectures, tutorials, practical’s and other prescribed curricular and co-curricular activities. It may be condoned up to 25% on medical grounds on specific approval.

(vi) A further relaxation of attendance up to 10% can be given by the management of the college to students, who have been absent with prior permission, for reasons acceptable to the head, Institution.

(vii) The students are expected to maintain high standards of discipline. Any breach of rules and orders will entail severe disciplinary action. The matter concerning discipline among the students shall be dealt by the disciplinary Committee.

(viii) The students are advised to be in proper uniform while attending workshops, as prescribed by the institution.