Preparation of Higher Studies


There are three general purposes to higher education at IST:

  • The first purpose is to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of a human brain. Memory, critical thinking, and decision-making can be honed to perfection through rigorous mental exercises.
  • The second purpose is 'social engineering'. There is an entire set of rules, values, and codes of conduct that distinguish a person as being of the educated class. It's hard to imagine higher education without this element of social refinement.
  • The third purpose is to maximize a person's spiritual potential. Music, art, philosophy, science, poetry, mathematics, literature – surveying the greatest ideas from the greatest minds of all time – these are all methods of cultivating a life-long interest in Truth, Virtue, and Beauty.

Where do we see India?

  • By 2030, India will have the largest population in the world, in the higher education age bracket. Increasing urbanization and income levels will drive demand for higher education.
  • India's economy is expected to grow at a fast pace; rapid industrialization would require a gross incremental workforce of ~250 million by 2030; India could potentially emerge as a global supplier of skilled manpower.
  • India has the opportunity to become a prominent R&D destination.