Important Testimonials

I've had a lot of great experiences, both in education and travel, but I've rarely had the opportunity to combine the two. ISTK has given me an opportunity to venture beyond the diurnal walls of learning and embark my fourth semester of B. Tech. - Computer Science program at ISTK itself. The erudition I acquired from this Semester was paramount and unparalleled which also resulted in a full 4.000 GPA in all my subjects at ISTK. I shall remain highly obliged and indebted to ISTK for bestowing upon me this stupendous opportunity.
Currently, I am pursuing a six-month Internship at Datamatics Global Services Limited, Mumbai, which is a Global IT & BPO/KPO organization. The indoctrinates provided by my Mentor in this respect is enlightening and edifying. I would like to coin ISTK, as a 'North Star', a guiding gear for any ambitious and endeavouring students like me. - Shubham Trivedi, B. Tech. 3rd Year (Computer Science & Engineering)
Intern at Datamatics Global Services Limited, Mumbai 
"ISTK gives a lot of emphasis on broadening our knowledge in a creative way. The college encourages us to think out of the box and innovate.  Since innovation is a huge part of entrepreneurship and I have always had a spark for it, the Institute that has helped me and my fellow students to learn more about entrepreneurship and innovation. ISTK has helped me cultivate the inner entrepreneur in me. I am proud to be a part of ISTK." – Ajay Kumar B. Tech. 2nd (Information Technology) EPIC (Entrepreneurship Promotion and Innovation Cell).