Education Loan at ISTK

The Department of Education at ISTK offers a challenging but supportive atmosphere for pursuing graduate studies. It is aimed at future leaders in the field – academics, researchers and managers. The course provides a strong foundation for:

  • using research to analyze and evaluate current structures and future reforms of higher education in different national and international contexts
  • developing higher education provision, curricula and learning programmes to meet a range of national and international needs
  • analyzing transitions of higher education graduates into the labour market and further studies
  • conducting professional research

Students, at the time of admission or at the time of applying for educational loan, are given loan letter or alike document as required by the concerned bank for loan purposes, as and if deemed appropriate.

For the convenience of students, the college has set up a separate Loan Assistance Cell, to cater all the needs like loan letter, loan application form and for any other justifiable assistance required from the college.

ISTK provide education loan to students of socially and economically weaker backgrounds in the below poverty line, BPL category also. A unique work is done by ISTK for supporting financially weaker section students who are not supported by the government and others private aided banks. Total 25% of students will be provided scholarship every year on first cum first basis. The interest on loan will be as per RBI Guidelines. The only criterion for loan is a student should be a citizen of India having 60% or above in secondary and senior secondary education. The loan will be sanctioned for entire duration of course.